Welcome to the Future of CyberDating

CyberDating was the first totally free dating website on the net and since 1998, we have continued to get bigger, better and more robust. It is our pleasure to introduce our newest advancement in Cyber Dating: Mobile CyberDating.net!

About Mobile CyberDating:

In the very near future we will be making this section of our site available to the world of mobile singles. We hope to have all of the features available on our mobile website that we have on our regular CyberDating site. And remember, we also have Adult Cyber Dating personals.

Our mobile CyberDating site is now available in Beta release! Please keep in mind that, while the pages that you see are live, the links may not work and you may get funky results. Please let us know if you see errors.

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Some of our Mobile Singles:

Free Mobile Personals: NedAhanin needs to meet a man!
Age:25 to 29
Boston, MA
Free Mobile Singles: Hillproud needs wants a woman!
Age:35 to 39
Holiday, FL
Pie De La Cuesta Mexico singles: Click to meet Kiki
Age:18 to 24
Pie De La Cuesta, Mexico
Fullerton singles: Click to meet Tim
Age:30 to 34
Fullerton, CA
Rochester singles: Click to meet JustaQT4U
Age:30 to 34
Rochester, NY
Kingdom singles: Click to meet James
Age:25 to 30
Osijek, Croatia